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Not To Worry: Keeping Your Belongings Safe And Secure

Nobody wants to worry when they’re on holiday, and nobody should have to. Of course, it’s important to put some care into making sure that your belongings - particularly expensive electronics and money - are kept safe and secure while you travel. It’s far too easy to go from carefree to worried and frustrated in the course of five minutes when you’ve left behind your luggage, dropped your camera, or had your wallet stolen while you were sightseeing. Bulgaria is a safe, friendly country, but - like anywhere else in the world - it’s important to protect yourself from theft. Luckily, there are easy ways to make sure that all your belongings remain safe and sound, as well as ensuring that your most precious possessions are covered in case something does go wrong. An ounce of prevention and a little attention is all that it takes to keep everything where it should be, leaving you to enjoy your holidays without having to worry about a thing.

Keep It Close To The Chest                                                                                 

Everyone knows that the best way to avoid thieves is to keep your money, credit cards, and ID on you in a secure location, but it’s easy to become lazy about it. Whether you’ve had a bit to drink, are still jetlagged, or are just too busy relaxing to pay attention, there are plenty of times when going through the hassle of money belts or zippered pockets seems unnecessary. When you’re planning your trip and deciding how to keep your money safe, consider the ease of use of each option. Hidden money belts and pockets are the safest option, but can be frustrating to access if you’re in a hurry. If you choose to use one, consider keeping a small amount of cash in a more easily accessible location for quick purchases. If you do choose to carry a purse or bag, keep your hand on the strap at all times, and don’t leave it at your feet when you stop for a break. Above all, stay alert, and don’t be too obvious about the money or credit cards you’re carrying, as this may make you a more attractive target.

Consider Insurance

Many people make sure to buy travel insurance before their holiday, but few stop to consider insuring the valuable possessions they might be bringing with them. If you haven’t looked into it, standard travel insurance is a good choice; in addition to protecting you in case of other emergencies, these policies often includes clauses on lost or damaged luggage. However, the claimable amount may be much lower than the value of your luggage, particularly if you bring along a laptop, tablet, or camera. Separate insurance policies are available for individual items, which may be the best choice if you’ve brought along a particularly pricey camera or laptop - these policies are also helpful if you damage your equipment on holiday. If you’re more concerned about your belongings as a whole, some policies will have add-on luggage policies for purchase (though remember to read the fine print, as these may not cover certain kinds of loss or damage).  

Use Your Head

The key to keeping your valuables safe is, as mentioned, staying alert. This doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be on guard, but that the best offense is the best defense. Stay aware of potential scams, particularly if you know that you’re likely to stand out as a tourist - the people here are friendly, but like anywhere else, be cautious around strangers who suddenly come too close or offer to hold your belongings. (All of the luggage locks in the world won’t matter if the luggage itself is taken.) Don’t leave your valuables out in the open if you’re travelling by car, don’t leave them unattended if you’re travelling by public transit or train, and invest in a water wallet if you’re planning on hitting the beach. As long as you keep your wits about you and act the way you would tell a friend to act if they were visiting your own city, you’ll have little to worry about as you enjoy your holiday.

By Jenny Falconer

Posted on 6 June, 2014

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