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BLOG Monthly program for July 2013 at the Art Hostel Sofia Bulgaria

01.07.2013 (понеделник) Happy B Day Art-hostel Sofia! 12 years old "usually we spend our time in the garden" wit special guest from Belgium playing shanson france!

05.07.2013 (петък) "DelPadre" ex. "Rumba Aficionado"

06.07.2013 (събота) "Visoko" band!

13.07.2013 (събота) "DelPadre" ex. "Rumba Aficionado"

Началото на събитията е 21:30ч. Входът за всички събитя е свободен!
Очаквайте още приятни изненади до края на месеца!!!

All events begin at 21:30h. and entrance to all events is free!!!
Expect more surprises by the end of the month!!

Posted on 7 July, 2013

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