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IF YUO DON’T GO YOU DON’T KNOW…so WHY NOT? (Bulgaria & Everywhere)

At the beginning, before all the gestures, all the initiatives and all the deliberate intention of traveling, your body works, such as metals exposed to the scorching sun. 
Is a star primitive submersion where the stars twinkle in the sky , full of bright topographies which states and finds himself the star of the nomad.
We just could became a unrepentant nomads who educate themselves in their own skin the time of the womb, as round as a globe.
Everything else develops a path already written.

Now i’m in Sofia Bulgaria, few bulgarian word understood…Caxi? Dobrè Super , few tradional food, drink & staff all ready try it, few cool people meet it on, i’m here since a mounth and i’m gonna stay 2 more.
I had great time mostly now with a lovely weather, few park around the city you could find …people are friendly, good vibes, a lot of art a bit everywhere, musicians, jugglers…a lot of those good staff i’ll found it also on the Hostel…state’s evidence Art…really good concert i kept until now, and all the walls are full of brilliance and transmit the vibrations, personalities and indeed the art of people who had across the place, the atmosphere, Parisian precisely. 
I think is it also a good point of departure if someone would like to discover the Balkans, because we really are on the midlle of it, however Bulgaria got so many natural lovely places from the mountain to the black sea…i’ll must discover a bit more around it.
I’m feel like at home here now, i got few plant on mine mind for the future: Serbia, Czech Rep., Hungary and also Canada in september…suppose to stay there long time.

The time go so fast, so many things to do it…thinking about just got less than 2 mounth to spend here in Bulgaria…for sure i will sad when i’ll be back home...home? where is it home? maybe just the place where you feel like it or the place left and then found, gives the axis on which the compass needle swings. without him, there are no points of the compass rose of the winds, there is no possibility to move and to organize the next trip on the world map.Return from the trip means finding a place, the place of his home and his daily life which is necessary to our identity, because it is the foundation.
maybe not maybe yes….?

Posted on 5 May, 2013

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