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Alex Leonardo Da Vinci program volunteer at the Art Hostel Sofia Bulgaria 07 May, 2013

IF YUO DON’T GO YOU DON’T KNOW…so WHY NOT? (Bulgaria & Everywhere)

At the beginning, before all the gestures, all the initiatives and all the deliberate intention of traveling, your body works, such as metals exposed to the scorching sun. 
Is a star primitive submersion where the stars twinkle in the sky , full of bright topographies which states and finds himself the star of the nomad.
We just could became a unrepentant nomads who educate themselves in their own skin the time of the womb, as round as a globe.
Everything else develops a path already written.

Now i’m in Sofia Bulgaria, few bulgarian word understood…Caxi? Dobrè Super , few tradional food, drink & staff all ready try it, few cool people meet it on, i’m here since a mounth and i’m gonna stay 2 more.

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