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Artwizz air magazine - sofia city focus
August 17, 2010

wizz air magazine - sofia city focus

ul. Angel Kanchev21a, +359 (0)2 987 0545,
If you're a guest at Art Hostel, you could easily stay for weeks without knowing this bar was churning away beneath you, entertaining a mix of arty locals and backpacker types. Hidden down an unmarked grey stairwell, the bar suddenly breaks into a riot of colourful rooms, each with their own eclectic arty styling (hence the name), alongside a bar serving some of the cheapest beer and spirits in the city. The main draw for visitors is the crowd, who are an easygoing, friendly sort from all over the world. But the various themas of the rooms also make socialising that bit easier. With one room dedicated to music, complete with instruments slung about the place, another for games, and an area just for lounging, it's easy to hop through the differing rooms all night. Which is lucky, because unlike many bars in Sofia, Art Bar is often open all night, depending on the whims of the staff and the drinking capacity of the guests.
How to find it: If you're staying in a hostel in Sofia you may well hear about Art Bar by word of mouth, in which case simply follow the person who told you about it. Otherwise, head to Art Hostel on Angel Kanchev, which is reasonably easy to find. Go in the entrance and either have a member of staff guide you to the stairwell, or follow the sounds of guitar strumming.